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Save Our Sisters United, Inc. is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible and we will provide proper documentation.

Donations are what keep our doors open and allow members of the transgender community to gain access to vital care needed.

Community Warrior

One time donation or subscribe monthly.

Warriors are the first and foremost called upon in the community. They help by providing much needed essentials to black and other Trans individuals of color. Now more than ever the trans this community faces problems with housing and day to day living. 

Day to Day Essentials

Temporary Housing Support

Name/Gender Marker Change Process

Community Hero

One time donation or subscribe monthly.

Our Heroes protect the lives of Black Trans individuals and all other Trans people of color by defending our right not only to survive, but to thrive. Embodying the heart and spirit of a Hero, they seek justice for Houston’s Trans People of color and fight to ensure that our community attains access to the emotional and physical wellness that we deserve. 

Mental Health Counseling

Hormone Therapy Assistance

Medical Co-payment Assistance

Community Titan

One time donation or subscribe monthly.

Access to Trans services differs for Trans individuals living in the South than their counterparts living in the North. Because of the political, social, economical climate here in the South has played an important role in widening the gap when it comes to disparities that affect Black and other Trans individuals of color.  Our Titan Tier represents those who are dedicated to helping Save Our Sisters United, Inc provides assistance for Black and other Trans individuals in color when seeking or going through gender-affirming surgeries.

Gender Affirming Surgery Assistance

Surgical Post Care Assistance

General S.O.S.U, Inc. Operational Support

Thank You to our Partners

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