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Through every process or service, we're with you every step of the way. Our commitment is to support you and meet you where you are.

Mingle in safe spaces, connect with people to empower and uplift one another, share your stories.


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``Thanks to SOSU, I've been given a second chance at having a family that embraces my spirit, celebrates my accomplishments, stands by me during hardship, values my input and checks on me when I'm away or don't seem like myself. In addition, I am infinitely grateful that SOSU led me to the brotherhood of SOSB, because now I know what it feels like to belong somewhere and to be truly accounted for. As a family, we are a light for one another in the dark, and now that I've experienced being part of SOSU and SOSB, I want everyone to have access to their own light- especially trans individuals of color.``



SOSU was the culmination of the void of support I was missing in my life since walking into the realization of my womanhood and what that meant in the brilliance of my Blackness. It has meant access to a unique and beautiful sisterhood where we can laugh, worry, and cry together. It is a space where you can let down your hair and be beautifully vulnerable. It has been a place to share fears and wisdom. SOSU is survival that pushes us to radically thrive in a world that tries to convince us differently. SOSU has impressed on the hearts of each of us our right to exist. We are inherently and divinely worthy. Thank you SOSU for being the God-spark in the lives of all you touch.



SOSU helped me get my name and gender marker changed after I had been struggling for a year to do so on my own. The women who run SOSU went out of their way to see that I have the right name on all my documents so I could have an easier time just going about my life. Now that I’m working with them I’m learning they do so much more and hopefully SOSB can expand our work even further.


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