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Dear Potential Board Member,

To be among the Board of Directors for Save Our Sisters United, Inc. is a distinguished act of compassion and humanity. In each Board member, we seek the dedication to uplift and protect the rights and safety of transwomen, transmen and cisgender women of color in Houston. Each member would strive to achieve this through organization oversight, fundraising, and by denouncing the culture of racism, misogyny and transphobia within our communities. Your potential role on the Board of Directors is of profound importance. With your help, Save Our Sisters United, Inc. (S.O.S.U., INC.) will finally obtain the resources to expand the ways in which we assist and empower our Black and brown trans community. Given that S.O.S.U., INC. believes in offering holistic support, or that which addresses the medical, psychological, financial and social needs of each individual, any rewards generated by your efforts would be invaluable to our cause. We are delighted in your interest in being a member of the Board, and we look forward to learning more about you, your interests, and your goals. You are welcome to reach us with any questions.

Position Summary

The Board of Directors is responsible for fulfilling the mission of Save Our Sisters United, INC., being to empower and mobilize transgender and cisgender women of color as well as transmen of color by educating self and society on trans issues in our world. Members of the Board will oversee the management and direction of the organization, and are responsible for policy decisions, financial oversight and finally the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the work of the organization.

Term Duration

All members of the Save Our Sisters United, INC. (S.O.S.U.) Board of Directors will serve for 2 years. Specifically, each board member’s term initiates on the day of their acceptance and expires 2 years to that date. For example, if an applicant is accepted as an S.O.S.U. board member on December 18th, 2020, their term will expire on December 18th, 2022.

Duties & Responsibilities

Make a generous personal and/or business contribution of at least $2,000 to Save Our Sisters United, INC. either directly or by donating to one or several S.O.S.U. fundraising events throughout 2-year service Fulfill the collective Board of Directors goal of raising a minimum of $10,000 within 2-year service Serve on at least one (1) Standing Committee and accept at least __ special assignments Make decisions on the organization’s issues, policies, priorities, goals, and objectives based on careful consideration of all relevant facts and data Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of S.O.S.U. programming and services as well as progress toward achieving stated objectives Formulate, update, and approve long-term strategies and objectives Nominate and elect members and officers of the Board of Directors Monitor the annual operating budget and special project budgets appropriately as needed Employ and periodically evaluate the performance of the President/CEO of S.O.S.U. Attend special activities and events of S.O.S.U. to show support and understanding of the organization’s mission Increase public awareness, understanding, and support of S.O.S.U. Observe parliamentary procedures and display courteous conduct in all board and committee meetings Avoid conflicts of interest between the position as a board member and personal or professional life. In addition- Required Attendance: Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, and Additional Meetings TBD. Encouraged Attendance & Support: Special Events, Social & Community Events, Galas, & Future events TBD.

Membership Qualifications

Willingness to accept and promote the mission, goals, and objectives of Save Our Sisters United, INC. Willingness to undergo a criminal background check Willingness to make a personal financial contribution to S.O.S.U. at a level that demonstrates personal commitment and sets a standard for others Willingness to solicit financial contributions from others Having professional expertise and influence needed by S.O.S.U. to offer a balance of representation of the community that the organization serves Demonstrated leadership capability as evidenced by involvement in the community, and willingness to bring said expertise to the Board and its committees Willingness to serve effectively as a public representative of the organization Prior experience working with a non-profit organization is desired but not required.

Code of Conduct

Each member shall not compete nor disclose our goals, projects or ideas with outside organizations Each member shall maintain confidentiality of all board meetings and organizational in-house work functions and systems Each member shall serve the organization as whole rather than a specific interest group or constituency (e.g. demonstrating apparent interest in serving Save Our Sons & Brothers (S.O.S.B.) over Save Our Sisters (S.O.S.) Each member shall not accept nor offer gifts or favors from or to any individual, group or agency that conducts business with S.O.S.U. Each member shall avoid voicing prejudice judgments on the basis of information received from individuals and urge those with grievances to follow established policies and procedures Each member shall avoid negative biases and judgements upon speaking about S.O.S.U.

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